Thank You!

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for helping me. And for all your efforts to save tigers. Also a big thanks to all the ones I haven’t mentioned (NGOs, government employees, individuals). I know you dedicate your lives to protect tigers!


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Also I want to thank a number of people that helped me (a lot!) before and during the campaign. People like Wendy, Wendy, Linda, Yanina, Didi, Mark, Fan, Hannemarie, Vera, Sylvia, Sahar, Pieter, Luvia, Martin, Jasper, Marchell, Hilbert, Pieter, Suzanne, Jet, Judith, Emma, Ben, Emile, Harm, Alexander, Vian, Joel, Rolf, Henriëtte, Jean-Pierre, Kalli, Lianne, Daniela, Kemal, Lianne – en I sincerely hope I am not forgetting anyone.

Thank you also all the people that help me in a financial way, some with crowd funding, some in other ways. Also thank you sponsors:  Keen Footwear, Skyberate, Bold Idea, 5 Minuten TV, KPN, kofferfabriek Gefken, Westvest Notarissen, Emma Wilson, IMGK, SuperTank, Snipper, RoseArt, Kuseema, Hogervorst Bakkerijovens, restaurant ‘t Nonnetje and Spectra Studio Works.


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Of course my gratitude goes out to all those journalists, reporters, deejays and all people that work in traditional and new media! Thanks for your interest and especially thank you for raising awareness for tigers. They need it! you we’re amazing!

And a special ‘thank you’ for all those Dutch embassies and ambassadors that helped me during my journey and with raising awareness: you were amazing!

To all: thank you so much!
Chris Slappendel


THANK YOU – the video