Threatened with extinction

According to reports there are only 4,000 tigers in the wild. All over the world, Asia to be exact (and a tuft in Africa). Spread across 12-13 countries. Across more than 100 areas. And in such a situation that is worrisome. In 2010 some experts even
said the tiger could go extinct in the wild within 10 years.

My passion for tigers has brought to me act in 2013. To do something. That “something” turned out to be a journey through 24 countries to raise awareness to what happens to tigers. An awareness campaign called Tiger Trail was the result, named after the trail of tiger in the wild, walking the same track over and over again (which also even can be seen in captivity).

While doing my Tiger Trail campaign I witnessed what is happening in the world of tiger conservation. And what is not happening. From poaching to corruption, from protection to recovery. From the lack of money to the waste of money. And blunders in conservation to (mostly) modest successes.

And whatever happens, it has to do with humans. Man as the good ánd the evil. The ancient game of money, power, doing good and to protect. As protagonists repulsive multinationals, selfish and altruistic NGOs, corrupt government officials, benefactors, poachers, traders and an incredible amount of people that is engaged in “protecting”. People who always have my admiration.

The insights I gained as a relative layman in the playing field of conservation are enormous. Insights I intend to use on my way along.  For my journey is not finished yet. Tiger Trail has ended but my journey to save tigers has just begun.

Chris Slappendel